Tips For New Runners


Are you interested in running but don’t know where to start? We have 4 tips for new runners that are easy to follow and execute.

The first place to start is your running shoes. Though running shoes look about the same there are different shoes for different types of training, for example road running shoes are designed for payments and are light and flexible. Another is trail running off road workouts and “offer” stability and support to the bottom of your foot. The last and most common are cross training running shoes that are designed for the gym and have a thicker platform sole for a more balance support.

Once you figure out what shoe works best for you make sure there is wiggle room is important to ensure your feet are comfortable during your workout. Another important factor to consider when purchasing your shoes is the heel should have little to no slipping at the hee, which can be reduced when your lacing your shoe properly can help reduce slipping in the heel.

A tip that most people don’t usually consider is taking walk breaks and that they are actually helpful to your work out and  can help control your heart rate. A study in Germany found that marathoners who ran for 4 straight hours and took walk breaks sustained much less muscle damage and still finished the marathon around the same time as those who didn’t take walking breaks. These walk breaks can stop exhaustion by offering opportunities to fuel and cool down your body.

Once you start  running, the first thing is to not over do it. A big tip is to build mileage gradually to help reduce the chances of injury. To do so, know how many miles are can run comfortably- this will be your starting point. Also, make a goal of where you want to see yourself in a few months and how many miles you want to accomplish.

Some runners recommend adding miles every four weeks; this is quicker than the 10% rule, which is a rule that you should never increase your miles ran by more than 10% each week. Adding miles every four weeks is a way to increase your mileages but not too quick where your body can not adapt. .Doing this consistently will result in the added miles you want to run and will help you reach your running goal.

These tips are important for all runners, regardless if you are new or old to running. Following these tips can reduce your chances of injury as well as have a more productive and effective workout.