Meet Felicia Sanchez

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Meet Felicia, she is the Head Coach in Fresno-Ashlan. Felicia works hard and loves to see her members get the results they are working so hard for.Fit Republic stands for core values and appreciation of their members. This is what attracted Felicia to the brand because of what the company stands for!

Here are 5 tips and advice Felicia has to encourage her members!

  1. As a head coach, I encourage each and every member to come in with a positive attitude.  It is important to embrace the workouts, and live life to the fullest. Even when there are bad days, we are able to feed off of each other’s energy and kindness.
  2. To help motivate members to overcome things such as fear, insecurity, or injury I explain that these workouts are designed for everyone. If a member feels a workout is too hard, it’s possible show them a regression on how to bring it down just a notch. By doing this, they are still able to do the basic fundamentals of each station. Also, I ensure each and every member that everyone is able to do this no matter their age height or weight.
  3. My advice for members is to stay motivated and encourage them to take progress pictures every month of the changes that their bodies are going through. Not only that, but the health records by their physicians. The health of our members is our number one priority. The more members are able to continue their workouts the healthier they are going to be as an individual.
  4.  I encourage everyone to try out the class give it a chance.  Don’t judge something based off of what you think you can’t do. Everyone is capable of doing it no matter the age, nationality, or number of children you have. You are able to make yourself a better and healthier person. Keep pushing forward to make yourself a better person inside and out not only for yourself but for your family.
  5. Never skip a Monday!

Come by the Fresno-Ashlan location off of E. Ashlan Ave and visit Felicia today!