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Meet The Trainer- Sara Insinga

Meet Tracy’s Head Coach and Head Coach Trainer, Sara Insinga! She gives us an insight to the FIIT Nation programs and community, as well as some tips she gives to her members!

“I love that the FIIT Nation program is for everyone, whether you are on a journey to lose weight, build muscle, tone up or just stay active. FIIT Nation classes are the perfect blend of strength training, mobility and cardio to produce results. Plus, these classes are so FUN! ”

“The FIIT Nation community in Tracy is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in another gym. I love the diversity we have here! Each one of us has unique goals, skills, challenges and limitations. We support each other, encourage each other to push past our limits and cheer each other on. I say all the time that we have the best members and I truly believe that!”

“Every member has a unique story and I believe it’s my job as a trainer to learn who they are. It’s totally normal to be nervous your first day. Our awesome team of coaches are here to listen to your goals and work with any concerns or limitations you may have. We strive to make you feel welcomed and motivate you to push yourself out of your comfort zone!”

Sara continues by adding, “consistency is what produces results, however motivation fluctuates for everyone. The key to success is staying consistent even when your motivation is low. I always recommend that members create a plan at the beginning of the week and schedule their classes through the Fit Republic app. Another great tip is to bring a friend to class. Having a workout buddy will help you stay on track and remain accountable. Remember, this is a lifestyle!”

“Functional fitness is beneficial to everyone, from those new to exercising to serious athletes. Our blend of strength training, mobility and cardio gives you the most well-rounded workout out there. In every class you will work on important skills such as strength, agility, flexibility and balance. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, these classes will help you take it to the next level.”

Sara’s last tip is to try a class!! “If you haven’t tried a class yet.. JUST DO IT! No matter where you are in your fitness journey or what your goals are, there is a place for you here. We are ready and so excited to go on this journey with you! The work will be challenging but with great challenge comes great reward. YOU CAN DO THIS!”