The Importance of Resting

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Importance of Resting

Day off? Said no one ever.
Actually we did… Working out, regardless of the type, can be part of your weekly routine but it is important that rest days are included in that routine as well. Some workouts can be stressful on your body and your muscles that a day off is essential. Rest days are physically necessary so that muscles can repair, strengthen, and rebuild so they can prepare for your next work out. Today’s tip is the importance of resting, so keep reading to check it out!

During rest days, your body allows the tissue that were torn during your workout to be repaired. Without taking these needed rest days, tissue could continue to breakdown which results in decreased sports performance and increases the chances of injury.

Taking rest days is extremely important for your body because these days help the body replenish important fluids and nutrients that were lost during your workout. While working out your body loses water that it stores through sweating, so by keeping your body hydrated as well as nourished is important and will restore your body’s energy supply. Keeping hydrated on rest days will help you feel less lethargic and ready to take on your next work out.

Knowing your body and its limits is important when working out. The body can only take so much stress before it breaks down and eventually leads to exhaustion. Believe it or not, overtraining is a real thing and can easily be avoided when you give your body rest. Overtraining is when you surpass your bodies ability to recover from a demanding workout. Other than injury, overtraining can result in insomnia and decrease of the immune system which can lead to sickness.

These days off are important not just to your body, but as well as your mind. Days off can help maintain a balanced lifestyle. Keeping adequate hours of sleep each night can help promote a better and more productive work out.

It can be hard to not feel guilty when taking a day off, but your body does need the break! Rest days are essential to muscle building and helping you become stronger. The days that you do take off to rest can make a huge difference on the days that you do workout because your muscles, tendons, and tissue are able to repair themselves and rebuild as stronger and more effective the next time you work out.

Getting the most out of your rest days is crucial for the strengthening and development of your muscles. Efficient rest days can result in a stronger you! Taking these days off will improve your sports performance and will help you maintain everything you gained in your previous workout.

If you still feel bad or guilty about taking rest days, turn these days into a stretching or a yoga day where your body still gets the rest in needs, but you are able to stretch your muscles and keep muscle flow going throughout your body, preparing you for your next workout!