6 Awesome Leg Workouts

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6 Awesome Leg Workouts

Summer is always the best time to show off those legs. If you aren’t feeling quite ready to show off your summer body, we have got you covered. We’re sharing a series of summer workouts to help you stay on track with your fitness goals. If you missed our previous post you can check it out here.

Now that you’ve started working on your arms let’s lean out those legs! Below are six summer leg workouts that target three key areas of the legs: glutes, thighs, and calves. With these workouts, you can begin to feel confident showing off those legs this summer. Increase weight with each set to challenge yourself, build muscle, and see quicker results!

Pair the following exercises with 30 minutes of cardio to slim down and shape up! If you want to challenge yourself a little more this summer join our 100 Days to Paradise Summer Fitness Challenge. You could win a trip for two to Hawaii! Get all the details here.

6 awesome leg workouts

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