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Why Listening to Music Makes You Feel Good

We all listen to music. Whether it is in the car, at work, while studying, or at the gym, music makes life a little easier. Between stressful jobs, traffic, and homework, life can get a little messy. However, music is a great way to relieve stress, remain focused, and get the job done. There are a ton of reasons why listening to music makes you feel good, mentally, emotionally, and physically, all of which we will go over to answer the everlasting question, why does music make you feel good?

Scientifically, there have been a large number of studies that prove music helps your brain and body. It is proven that listening to music you enjoy released high amounts of dopamine. Dopamine generally gets released when you do something that makes you happy, nervous, excited, etc., such as eat your favorite food, talk to your crush, or give a speech. Music can have this same effect depending on how you are feeling and what you are listening to.

Another fun scientific fact that proves music is amazing has to do with your heartbeat! A few years ago Harvard Health did a study that showed the effects music has on your heart. One of their findings showed that when you are listening to music, slow or fast, your heartbeat often synchronizes with the beat of the song. This can cause you to relax if you are listening to a slow song, or feel more energized when listening to an upbeat song. This is a great trick to know if you often get anxious, put on a slow song and feel the difference in your heartbeat as you start to calm down. This is also why listening to music while working out is so popular! Hearing an upbeat song while hitting the gym gets your energy going and your heartbeat racing.

Emotionally, music makes everyone feel something. Songs are funny, happy, sad, relatable, confusing, and pretty much any other emotion you can possibly feel. There are songs that are designed to make you feel better, songs that are designed to make you think, and songs that are designed to make you cry. Whether music is telling a story we can all relate to, bringing back a memory from the past, or simply making us smile, it has a purpose, to make us feel something. When you’re at the gym, you typically want to feel energized, excited, and pumped up, which is where upbeat, rap, and hip hop songs usually come in.

Everyone experiences music differently. We all react to songs differently, we listen to different types of music, and we feel music in different ways. So whether your workout playlist is rap, rock, country, or blues, we can all agree that there is nothing like music to make us feel our best. We hope you enjoyed these musical fun facts, for more ways to be your best in the gym, check out the rest of our blogs here.