Which Workout Shoe is Right for You

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Which Workout Shoe is Right for You

Let’s face it, shoes are not always the first thing on your mind when you start exercising. You might just throw on an old pair of tennis shoes, or go out and buy whatever Nike shoes catch your eye. However, your shoes can do a lot of good, and a lot of bad, for your workout routine. So which workout shoe is right for you? You are about to figure that out. Let’s go over the four major types of athletic shoes.

Before you start the great shoe adventure, there are a few things to you need to do, and a few tips you should follow. The first thing you need to figure out is what type of exercise you are going to be doing. If you are serious about maximizing your exercise routine, you need to have different shoes for different exercises. You should not make your shoes multitask. Athletic shoes are created differently for different occasions and should not be used as an all around exercise shoe. You should also try on shoes at the end of the day. Throughout the day your feet can swell, which will give you a more true shoe size. You also need to be prepared for the amount of money you are going to be spending. Do some research online to get an estimated dollar amount. Athletic shoes can be expensive, but worth it, so don’t short yourself on a great, comfortable pair of shoes because they are too expensive. Treat yourself!

1.Running Shoes
Running shoes are a very common shoe to use daily. They are made for comfort and shock absorption. The comfort of the shoe has to do with the material the shoes is covered in. There are a variety of different materials based of if you are buying a mens or women’s shoe, a flat running or trail running shoes. The shock absorption of shoes is based on the bottom of the shoe usually on the heel. This gives you a spring in your step and lowers the pressure of the hard ground on your ankles and knees. While there are a ton of different running shoes, you should usually get a pair with good shock absorption, comfortability, and flexibility. This will improve your running and help you body. Running shoes run typically from fifty to two hundred dollars.

2. Walking Shoes
Walking shoes are pretty simple and are also common for daily use. While they are similar to running shoes, the absorption is not as necessary with walking shoes because there is not a lot of pressure put on your legs. Walking shoes need to be comfortable since walkers usually walk for a long amount of time. With walking shoes, you can go a more fashionable route because of the little necessity for shock, stability and flexibility. Walking can run anywhere from twenty to and hundred dollars.

3. Biking Shoes
Biking shoes are more complex than other shoes we have covered. They need a lot of grip for pedals and need to fit very well to ensure they stay on your foot. Biking shoes can also be a little more pricey, but they last a long time. Biking shoes are typically very light and aerodynamic, but they are pretty stiff because of the consistency that biking brings. Biking shoes are more expensive than running shoes and usually run from ninety to two hundred dollars.

4. Weightlifting Shoes
Weightlifting shoes need a lot of stability. They also provide a ton of ankle support to keep you upright while lifting. They also provide great flexibility which is useful for deadlifting and cleans. Weightlifting shoes can be difficult to find because they are not very versatile and cannot double as another type of shoe. Weightlifting shoes typically run from ninety to two hundred dollars.

Finding the right shoe for your work out can be time consuming, expensive, and frustrating, but it is all worth it. Follow the tips in the beginning of the blog to give your feet the comfort they deserve. If you have questions about what kind of shoes you should get, or want to start your membership, call your local Fit Republic or contact us here.