How to Do a Kettlebell Press

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How to Do a Kettlebell Press

Kettlebells are an amazing way to build muscle and strenghthen your core. They also offer great cardio benefits! One way to achieve these goals is through the kettlebell press. This exercise works out your core and arms. Check out the video below and learn the proper techinique in how to do a kettlebell press.

The Process

Follow These Steps

  1. Grab the Horn of the kettlebell and use your hips to bring it up to your chest.
  2. Press the kettlebell up through your head towards the sky.
  3. Keep your head slightly in front of your arm.
  4. Bring the Kettlebell back down to your chest and hold before going back up.
  5. Repeat till you’re comfortable with the amount of reps.

And that is how to do a kettlebell press! For more tips like these check out our blog. If you have any questions or comments than click here to reach to us!