How To Do A Kettlebell Swing

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How to Do a Kettlebell Swing

As we’ve covered in the past, kettlebells are a means to build those core muscles and burn fat. One of the best kettlebell exercises that hit these goals is the Kettlebell Swing. It is high intensity and a great way to burn calories, especially when combined with other kettlebell workouts or plyometric exercises. Take a look at the video below to see exactly how to do a kettlebell swing.

The Process

Follow These Steps

  1. Stand a foot away from the kettle and grab onto the horn.
  2. Push your butt back and bring the kettlebell in between your legs
  3. Use your hips to swing the kettlebell up above your head.
  4. Repeat the process till you complete a comfortable amount of reps.

And that is how you do a proper kettlebell swing. For more tips like these check out our blog. If you have any questions or comments than click here to reach to us!