How To Do a Jump Squat

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How to Do a Jump Squat

It is very important to know how to do a jump squat. It is a very simple exercise that works out almost all of your lower body. It is perfect for beginners and still tough enough for veterans. Check out the video below for a complete tutorial on how to do a jump squat.

The Process

Follow These Steps

  1. Stand with your feet should width apart
  2. Place your hands in front of your eyes
  3. Squat down and then jump
  4. As you jump bring your hands through your hips
  5. Continue this process till you feel like completed enough.
  6. Be sure to continue to use your arms for momentum

And that, my dear citizens, is how to do a jump squat! For more videos like this stay tuned here at or reach out to us with any questions by clicking here. If you are looking for a more complete workout, then we suggest you check out our FIIT Nation classes. They are challenging and very community driven. Click here for more information.