How Not to be Lazy

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How Not to be Lazy

Laziness affects everyone at one time or another. However, it is very easy to change that. Not being lazy does not mean you have to go to the gym seven days a week, it simply means getting some exercise doing what you like to. We have a few tips on how not to be lazy that should help you get into a habit of getting up and moving.

1.Start Small
Being active does not need to be something drastic. Try getting out and walk around your block, even take your dog with you so you have a reason to go. If you have children, join them when they are playing outside. Chase them around, throw the ball with them, this will keep you active and keep your kids happy at the same time. Invest in a treadmill! Put it in front of a screen and walk at a comfortable pace while you watch your morning show. Starting your activity slow and steady is perfectly fine and is a great way to remind your body what activity feels like.

2. Get Motivated
There is no point in trying to exercise if you aren’t motivated to keep it going. Find a few strong reasons why you want to stay active and keep them in mind. Whether you want to be able to keep up with your kids, go on hikes with your friends, or get your body in better shape, remember why you started this adventure, and don’t stop. Writing down why you want to get active will help you thrive. Put a note somewhere you will see it every day.

3. Set Goals
The motivation that got you to this point, and the goals you should set go hand in hand. Set your goals to reflect your motivation. For example, if your motivation is to be more active with your kids then set a goal like this, “I will be able to run around with my kids for an hour without getting tired.” Make sure your goals are realistic and reachable. The great thing about goals is you can always make more! If you reach a goal, set a new one.

4. Join a Class
Classes are great to those who are just starting out. They give a great sense of community and you can go at your own pace with no judgement. There are many different type of classes you can take from yoga to cycling. There are classes for dancing, stretching, running, and training. Our FIIT Nation class has a beginners class on Saturdays that is great for people who want to start a new routine! The best thing about our class? You can go at your own pace! Once you learn the moves, the pace is up to you.

There are so many great things you can do to stop being lazy. From taking a walk, to joining a gym. Remember these tips the next time you are feeling a little slow. It is a simple thing to do that can help you mind, body, and health. Contact your local Fit Republic to get started! Click here to reach to us!