How to Get Your Mind Ready to Workout

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How to Get Your Mind Ready to Workout

Perhaps one of the more challenging aspects of working out takes place before the actual workout. Preparing your mind for a workout, especially one that may be a difficult, is something that most people will have to do at one point or another. The good thing is there are some tips and tricks to help mentally prepare for that workout!

1.Remember Your Motivation
Maybe it’s having the stamina to keep up with your kids. Maybe you want to be able to join in a recreation league. Maybe you just want to get healthier or just maintain your health. Whatever reason you have for getting to the gym and through the workout, remember that as your motivation. Having a reason to workout is a major help when getting over that mental hurdle that is keeping you from a workout. If you don’t have a motivation or reason and you’ve been having trouble feeling mentally prepared to workout, it might help to come up with one.

2. Set Some Goals
Setting a goal or goals for your workouts is another trick many people use when prepping for a workout. Having a goal means that each workout you do will put you closer to achieving that goal. Keeping that in mind can greatly help on those days when you really don’t feel like getting that workout in. It is important to remember that the goal or goals set in place are achievable. If your goal is to lose a large amount of weight, the goal is more manageable in 5-10 pound increments and each milestone reached is another accomplishment that will help push you in the right direction. Making a goal that is difficult to reach, or will take a long time to reach, can have a negative effect on your mental readiness when prepping for a workout.

3. Anticipate Setbacks
Always anticipate that there may be setbacks in your fitness journey. Life happens.
You might get sick or injured. Don’t let a minor setback completely derail you. Make a plan for how to get back in the gym. You might have to start back slowly and it is hard to see any hard work you’ve done disappear, but remember, you are further along than when you first started! Don’t give up!

4. Focus on Yourself
Don’t look at other people and compare their fitness journey to yours. Focus on you and your own goals. Every person is different and each body responds to exercise differently. Just because it looks like someone is progressing faster than you, doesn’t mean they are. The more you focus on other people, the less you focus on yourself and your own goals. Comparing yourself to others is a surefire way to mentally psych yourself out of workouts.Do remember though, it is always good to have someone you can look to who inspires you. Fitspo accounts on Instagram can be a great way to get motivated, but remember to not compare yourself to the models you see. Usually the pictures posted are not representative of real life or how their bodies look all the time. Follow us on our Instagram as we tend to post many motivational graphics and offer weekly tips and tricks for success.

5. Reward Yourself
Think of rewards that will motivate you to exercise. It can be something big for meeting a milestone or even something little that helps you get past a challenging workout session, like a trip to the movie you’ve been wanting to see. Knowing there is something to look forward to can make any trip to the gym less daunting and those goals much more fun and fulfilling to reach. It’s best to not have food be a reward and just save the fun food for special cheat days. Rewarding yourself with food can lead to unhealthy habits that can work to undo your hard work!

6. Have Fun!
Make your workouts fun! Listen to music. Choose activities that you have fun doing. If you like going to exercise classes, make sure and fit some in your schedule. If you have more fun on the weight machines, do that. You are more likely to get excited to go workout if what you are doing is enjoyable. Even take some of your workouts outside of the gym. You can play sports, go on a hike, swim, and ride bikes. It can also help to make a special playlist that helps get you pumped up for working out. Choose songs that make you happy and keep you motivated. Focusing on the music can make the time at the gym go by fast. Even if you weren’t looking forward to working out, you may just enjoy yourself more than you thought!

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