Best Fitness Exercises for Couples

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Check Out These Great Valentines Day Workouts!

Valentine’s Day is here again, which means spending time with your loved one is more important than ever. Date nights are always fun, and vacations are definitely needed in a busy life. But what about a weekly or day to day activity you take time to do with that special person? Doing something that you enjoy together, and keep your body up to shape, will help you feel closer and happier. We have put together some exercise ideas for couples that they can enjoy together, take a look.

Get up and get active! Exercising together does not have to be a timely, tiring experience. Simply taking a walk or a bike ride around your neighborhood will get you out of the house and enjoy some one-on-one time. If you want to be a little more adventurous – go on a run or a hike! Hiking at a local spot is a great way to experience something new and see some beautiful sights with the one you love. Not everyone is a fan of running, but if you are, then do it together. Simply spending a little time each week doing something active with your partner can bring you closer together, and keep your body happy.

Hangout and workout! Head to the gym with your partner and get a nice workout in together. There are a number of great partner workouts to get a good workout as a team. Some of them are:

Plank and hop over
Toasted split squat
Twisted wall sit and push up
Bodyweight chest press
Sit up and pike

Try these moves at home or at a Fit Republic near you. These workout moves are great for your body and will help you two become more in sync. Another great workout idea for couples is to get involved in our FIIT Nation class! Our high calorie burning class is a great environment for you to support and motivate each other with the help of one of our trained instructors and the added energy of your community. Additionally, after your class the two of you can get a HydroMassage to relax your muscles!

Take a class! Have you ever wanted to try something new? There is never a better time than now. Take a dance class, spin class, yoga class, anything that seems interesting to you and your partner and just do it. You might end up loving the class so much that it becomes a weekly event. Taking a dance class is something that everyone says they wish they could do, so why not start now? Dancing is a great way to stay in shape and become closer with your loved ones.

Take up a new sport! There are many sports you can do with just you and the one you love to bring you closer. Try tennis! Tennis involves cardio and a ton of arm movement and is a great way to do something special with your other half. There are also many other sports that usually involve more than two people but can also be a great couple’s sport. Basketball for one is a great one on one sport if you are an athletic couple. Playing catch with either a baseball or football is also a great way to exercise a bit while spending time together.

This time of the year is perfect to start a new routine with your partner and get a little closer, while keeping your body in shape. Remember this is about having fun and spending quality time together. If you have any questions about the FIIT Nation group training class or anything else, give us a call or send a message through our webform! We are happy to help you and your other half reach your goals.