5 Breathing Exercises to Try While Working Out

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5 Breathing Exercises to Try While Working Out

Breathing is a natural movement that is done over 20,000 times every day. In fact, most of the time you are breathing without even knowing it. Although breathing is very natural, you often don’t try to control it unless you are out of breath. Exercising is one way to really notice your breathing habits and change them. Learning how to control your breathing will make your workout more fulfilling and hopefully allow you to last a little longer in the gym. We have rounded up our top five tips on how to breathe correctly while working out.

1. Use Your Diaphragm
It is a common mistake to see people breathing through their chest, which uses muscles that are not necessary for breathing. Breathing deeply through your diaphragm is the best way to keep up your stamina. When you do not breathe through your diaphragm, it will weaken and make it hard for you to breathe in general. A weak diaphragm will cause you to fatigue quickly and stop you from receiving the optimum amount of blood flow.

2. Take Deep Breaths
A very natural thing to do is start breathing fast and shallow when your heart rate rises. This is not the best answer. Taking slow, deep breaths will regulate your heart rate and keep you focused. Shallow breaths is something that can be caused by poor posture. When shoulders are hunched over it shortens the expandability of our diaphragm. Slowing down and taking deep breaths can boost your workout and increase the efficiency.

3. Stick to a Rhythm
When exercising, it is helpful to find a rhythm between your breathing and your movement. For example, breathing in while lifting your weight and breathing out while lowering your weight. Another example is while running, breathing in or out for a certain amount of footsteps. This can help put your body and mind into a place where you do not have to focus so much on your breathing, because your body is so used to doing it within the rhythm you’ve created.

4. Breathe Through Your Nose
When working out, try to breathe through your nose the whole time. If you have to breathe through your mouth in order to get a full breath, this is a sign you should slow down your exercise. Once you have been working out for awhile it will get easier to breathe this way with a more intense workout. When you breathe through your mouth your heart rate and blood sugar elevate, which can cause you to be fatigued a dizzy. Slowing down in the beginning in order to control your breathing is the safest route.

5. Always Keep Breathing
Do not hold your breath. Some people say that holding your breath strengthens your lung capacity and intensifies the workout. This is not recommended. Holding your breath can be harmful on your heart and your body. It can cause dizziness, fainting, and multiple heart problems. Remember to keep breathing slow and steady, putting your health first.

Working out can be stressful, however, controlling your breathing can make it a lot easier. Be sure to stay with breathing techniques that make you comfortable, and if you have any questions, click here to reach to us or ask one of our amazing Fit Republic employees. They are always happy to help you become the best version of yourself.