How to Keep Up Your Workout Schedule

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How to Keep Up Your Workout Schedule During the Holidays

The holidays are here and you are constantly busy. There is shopping to be done, guests to entertain, parties to attend, and food to be eaten. Through all the craziness that is the holidays, it can be difficult to keep a regular workout routine. You skip one day, then another, and just like that two weeks have gone by and our muscles forget what they are meant for. We have put together some tips to help you keep your workout routine alive and well during this holiday season.

1. Schedule Your Workouts
Take some time during the weekend to schedule an effective time for you to work out. Whether it is early in the morning while everyone is still sleeping, or between shopping trips, or after work to relax your mind and get you ready for the next day – plan out a time that works best for you. If you pick a time that ends up not working with your schedule, then change it up.

2. Put Exercise First
One way to make sure you have time for your workout is to do it in the morning, even if it is only 30 minutes. Walk, run, workout, anything to start your day with more energy. Another way to regular exercise is to use the busy season to your advantage. If you have some shopping to do, park further away or lap the mall a few more times to sneak in some extra cardio.

3. Recruit an Exercise Buddy
Make a holiday pact with some friends or family. Be each others motivation during the holiday so you can all be healthier for the up coming year. If none of your friends are interested, join one of our workout classes! It is a fun and effective way to workout with motivation from those around you.

4. Plan Ahead for Travel
If you are going out of town for the holidays, it is important to plan your workout accordingly. Whether you do a couple quick workouts where you are staying, go for a run or walk, or realizing that the gym you use at home has a gym close to where you will be staying. Research and plan ahead of time so you are not stressing over this during your travel time.

5. Make it Fun
Add some variety to your usual workout to keep the fun alive. Maybe go on a hike and enjoy the cool weather, take a fun dance class to get your holiday spirit up, or plan some outside activities with your friends or family. With this said, do not completely change your routine to something your body is not used to. Workout the same days and the same amount of time you usually do.

During this holiday season keep your routine and plan ahead. If you need some help or inspiration, come on down and let one of our wonderful trainers get you on the right path. <strong><a href=””>Click here</a></strong> to get started. Have a happy and healthy holiday season!