The Healthiest Thanksgiving Foods

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The Best Foods to Eat on Thanksgiving That Won’t Mess Up Your Diet

Thanksgiving has a sort of tradition, from certain foods, to what time you eat, and how much you eat. Most people take Thanksgiving as an excuse to eat three rounds of dinner, all topped with gravy of course. Along with choosing the healthiest Thanksgiving foods, we are also going to give you some helpful tips to make Thanksgiving any other day of eating.

Start in the morning, eat your everyday normal breakfast. Thanksgiving, like Halloween, is no reason to eat sweet, fatty foods all day long. Starting with your normal breakfast will remind your body that it is a normal day. If you have a morning workout routine, stick to it. Head to Fit Republic for the FREE 9am Turkey Trot Workout (open to everyone!), go for a run, or workout at home. The main focus is to try to stick to your normal everyday schedule. Move along to lunch time and do the same. Eat a normal lunch, this will make you less hungry when it comes to dinner time. When dinner arrives, try not to eat at 3pm. Eat close to your normal dinner time, and eat as much as you would normally eat. Do not go overboard on three plates of potatoes and stuffing.

When it comes to Thanksgiving foods, most of it is actually healthy. Remove the skin from your turkey. This will take away some of the fat and cholesterol that is added to the turkey. Also, stick to white meat, it is leaner and better for your body all around. Try to stick to a small sized portion, small meaning whatever size of meat you usually eat for dinner. This is a great time to use a smaller plate!
One great thing about Thanksgiving is all the vegetables. From carrots to green beans, and sweet potatoes to salads. As someone who lives a healthier lifestyle, volunteer to make some of the vegetable dishes, this way you know they are not loaded with sugar, cream, butter, and anything else that is normally added to these foods. If you didn’t make the dish, simply take a smaller portion that you normally would. And again, try to skip the gravy all together.

If you do end up splurging for Thanksgiving, go back to your diet the very next day. Do not make a habit of eating Thanksgiving left overs for breakfast and lunch for the next week and a half. Maybe even put in an extra workout session the next day. FIIT Nation classes resume on Friday to help you burn off those Thanksgiving calories and stay healthy this holiday season.