How to Eat Healthy on Halloween

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How to Eat Healthy on Halloween and Still Have Fun

With Halloween right around the corner, it is hard to stay on track with your food intake. Candy is everywhere and desserts are only getting sweeter. It might seem very hard to stay healthy while still having fun. Here at Fit Republic, we have been thinking of some tips on how to have a healthy and fun Halloween along with us!

Wait to Buy Halloween Candy. We will be the first to admit that we love Halloween candy! But it becomes a danger when you buy it a week or two early. Meaning every night, it becomes a custom to break open the bag of candy. To avoid this, buy your Halloween candy the day before or day of. This way you have less time to be tempted. Or buy candy you don’t necessarily like. This will reduce the urge to eat it and it will be a little easier to give it away. Another thing we recommend is not buying candy at all! While this option is less fun, it is definitely better for you. Instead, hand out stickers, glow sticks, grapes, or oranges. However, you might need to prepare yourself for being called the ‘boring’ house.

Get Rid of Leftover Candy. At the end of it all, try not to save all your leftover candy. Again, Halloween is one night of fun, don’t turn it into a month of candy every day. Reducing leftovers can be done by buying a small amount of candy to start with, that way if you run out there is nothing to worry about. For parents, you will most likely be eating your children’s candy, so reduce your child’s leftovers by only allowing them one candy per house and by giving them a smaller bag to collect.

If You Must, Indulge in Dark Chocolate. Halloween is hard to ignore. The whole day is spent thinking about candy. So, if you are bound to indulge, do it with dark chocolate. This way it is better for you and you won’t feel so guilty. Another tip is to plan before you indulge. Maybe in the morning tell yourself “SELF! If you REALLY feel the need to have candy, have three pieces of dark chocolate. NO! Don’t argue. It’s one day! You can do it!” That way you will know what to expect and can you savor your cheat a little bit.

Stick to Your Usual Eating Routine. Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you should eat sweet foods all day. Stick to your normal routine. This will help you stay in a healthy mindset and help you forget about all the candy you are going to see later. With this tip comes a very important side note. Eat a full dinner before going out. Whether you are taking your children trick or treating, or going to a party, fill up on a good healthy dinner. This will give you less of a reason to eat candy. It will also help children avoid a sugar rush.

Decorate Healthy Treats. Get your “DIY on” and make some fun treats! There are so many recipes out there for apples, raisons, oranges, and many other healthy foods. This is a perfect way to bring a healthy spin to a Halloween party, or hand out to children. Get creative and enjoy the reward.

Staying healthy on Halloween isn’t as hard as it may sound. Once you get into a routine, it will become easier to accomplish every year. For more tips and tricks and talk to some of our trainers and teachers. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to dieting and exercise. We hope everyone has a healthy, fun, and safe Halloween!